Vanessa Zhang, Nicole Soper, Anna Lende and Hiroko booked the Revlon Hair Commercial!

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Stay tuned for the final video release.



Jazmine Ozier booked Cadillac!


Congrats to our gorgeous new Taiwanese-African American mixed model Jazmine Osier on booking her first role with Cadillac in her first 2 weeks being with Prestigious Models! We know you’ll go far! Jazmine is a poet and domestic violence advocate, making her out #wcw even though it’s Thursday!#SAGNationalCommercial#prestigiousmodels #cadillac #models#asianmodelagency #eurasian models#taiwanese #artist #poetry#spokenwordpoetry #amazing#gorgeous #slay


Talent Testimonial from Tony Kim

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We would like to thank Tony Kim for his kind words regarding his experience at Prestigious Models.

“Prestigious Models is an awesome Talent Agency, one I am very satisfied to be a part of. They were the fourth offer for representation, and after doing research on all of them, I felt that PM would be a great fit. They have given me the opportunity to audition for  some major brands, work on projects that I feel utilize my skills as an actor, and challenge my abilities and development. By having their name on my records, it seems to have increased my viability in show business. Since joining with them my career has changed, and I am very excited for my future. They are very kind, I love working with them, and I couldn’t be happier with my choice of representation.” ~Tony Kim